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Great Resources

 1. Everyday Ways to Support Your Baby's and Toddler's Early Learning - Zero to  Three:

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2. Language is the Key: Free  Parent-Child activities/handouts:

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3. Challenging Behaviors Tips and Tools - You will find downloadable resources and brochures that highlight common challenging behaviors from birth to three and strategies for responding.

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4. More resources from challengingbehavior.org

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5. Child Development Tracker

Use the Child Development Tracker to get insights on the stages of growth.

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6. Healthy From the Start:  How Feeding Nurtures Your Young Child's Body, Heart, and Mind. Offers parents information on how feeding skills unfold over the first three years.  Explores how feeding is much more than about food—it is a chance to bond with children and nurture their social-emotional skills.  Provides strategies for dealing with “picky eaters” as well. 

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7. Tummy Time: Brain-Building Exercises for the Baby that Hates Tummy Time - Integrated Learning Strategies